Clinics & Services

Cardiovascular Screening

Including blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, COPD and cholesterol checks.

Children's Health

Child health development and immunisation.

District Nursing Services

District Nurses provide care to patients both at the surgery and also in their own homes. The Doctor will arrange for the District Nurse to visit if and when appropriate.

Family Planning And Well-Woman Clinics

Counselling, contraception, fitting of IUCD (coils), cervical screening, insertion of implants.

HGV Medicals

Do you require an HGV Medical done as soon as possible? Our private clinic could fit you in within 24 hours. Our doctors are very experienced in the completion of HGV medical forms

For a quick appointment contact us today. Prices are £100. No VAT applies.

Home Visits

These are strictly for patients too ill to attend the surgery.  Doctors can typically see four patients in the practice in the time it takes to do a single home visit.  For this reason, we ask our patients to come to the practice if at all possible. 

When necessary please ring tel:01387 259944 before 10.00 am, whenever possible, and be ready to give the receptionist/Triage Nurse some indication of the nature of the problem. 

The Doctor may want to discuss the problem with the patient or relative first before deciding if a home visit is necessary – this helps to plan the visits more efficiently.  Home visits are not a substitute for lack of appointments, transport or for convenience.

Maternity Services

Pre-conception counselling, antenatal and post-natal care.

Minor Surgery

Our doctors are trained to perform minor surgery at the practice. Procedures are performed in our dedicated Minor Surgery Theatre.

These include removal of:

  •    Sebaceous cysts
  •    Lipomas
  •    Moles
  •    Skin tags & polyps
  •    Ingrowing toe-nails
  •    Joint injections
  •    Warts

Our GP’s are also trained to do the following :

  •    Insertion and removal of Implanon
  •    Insertion and removal of IUCD (coils)
  •    Contraceptive injections

If you wish to have any of these procedures, please book for an appointment with the doctors who can advise the best treatment for the problem.

New Patient Medical Checks

All patients are offered a medical check when registering with the Doctor.

Practice Nurse Clinics

Practice nurses are a great resource to the practice. They assist our doctors to manage the health conditions of our patients.

Practice Nurses are experts in chronic disease management and have received adequate training to help you manage your condition.

Some of our nurse clinics :

  •    Asthma
  •    Diabetic
  •    Cardiovascular
  •    COPD Clinics
  •    Travel Clinics
  •    Immunizations
  •    Blood Clinic
  •    Well Woman & Family Planning
  •    Well Man
  •    BP clinic
  •    Winter vaccination (flu vaccination)

Private Consultations

Our doctors perform private GP Consultations.

We are able to treat a range of problems from:

  •    Hair Loss
  •    Loss of Libido
  •    Dispensing Viagra , Cialis
  •    Private Medical Prescriptions
  •    Healthcare for visitors

For a quick appointment contact us today. Prices are £85. No VAT applies.

Telephone Connsultations

Our GPs can offer you telephone consultations if you require medical advice that does not require an appointment.

Please note that the practice staff will take your phone number and the GP will call you back at a specified time. We are unable to connect you to the doctors at the time that you call.

If your problem can’t be solved over the phone, your GP may recommend that you come in to be seen in the surgery or to phone the ambulance.

Travel Clinics

Before you go abroad, get up to date medical advice from us.

Lochthorn Private Clinic is an approved center for Yellow Fever Vaccination. We provide up to date travel advice with help from Travax.

We also dispense Malaria Tablets and can provide you about advice on prevention of Malaria.

The following vaccines are available from us :

  •    Yellow Fever with certificate
  •    Rabies
  •    Hepatitis A
  •    Hepatitis B
  •    Typhoid
  •    Meningitis ACWY with certificate
  •    Tetanus
  •    Diphtheria
  •    Polio
  •    Japanese Encephalitis

Winter Flu Vaccinations

The practice team will arrange to offer eligible patients this service every autumn.  Normally, this will include all patients over 65 years and those deemed at high risk, e.g. diabetics, renal failure etc.


Certain Medical Services are not covered by the NHS and may incur a fee.  These include insurance, medical examination, certain letters and certificates, complementary services and certain vaccinations for foreign travel like Yellow Fever.

Covid-19 vaccinations

For up-to-date advice and support about the Covid-19 vaccine,  please contact NHSinform or

telephone 0800 030 8013